10 Tips on how to save money to travel

One of the hardest parts of planning for a trip is to start saving the right amount of money to ensure that your next trip is done right. Some tips can help you save money are:

Create a savings plan

This is where you should start, as analysing your expenses can help you cut down on them. Assess your financial situation, set realistic goals, create a plan, implement the plan and keep monitoring.

Commit to the dream

It is easy to give in, especially when you have to save money, but you should always remember to mark you dream and ensure you make efforts every day to make your dream come true.

Spend less on lunch

One way you can save a lot is by ensuring that you do not use a lot of money during your lunch, try to cut down your lunch budget to $8 and this way you can save a little bit extra to reach your dream. You can even pack your food.

Eat out less

Learn to cook yourself, and you can save $50 every week on the food budget. Eat simple food like rice, beans, chicken, pasta, potatoes, vegetables.

Reduce car usage

Reducing car usage for smaller distance will make it easier for you to save on petrol. If you work far from your home, Uber has a carpool option which you can make use of. This way, you are not only saving money but also doing good for the environment.

Reduce utility bills

Turn off light when you leave the room, shorten shower time, put off air conditioners. This can save you a few bucks every month, and you can add this savings to your travel account.

Cancel you a gym membership

Instead of a gym membership, you can easily exercise outdoors and use nature as you gym. You can easily warm up do cardio all in the great outdoors.

Skip the spa

Luxury is good but spas, no doubt are expensive. Getting that massages, peels and mani-pedi will cost you a lot of money. Skipping the spa for some time will save you money and get you on the trip sooner.

Stay in at night

I know it must be hard to stay in at a Saturday night but staying in will ensure that your bank account will stay on the right track. Keep the travel goal in mind, and you can buy your self a cheap wine and sit home and drink it all alone.

Do free things

If you feel like doing something, but you are in a quest for saving money, your city must have many things that you can do for free like heading to a museum, volunteer for a local charity, playing sports, etc.